The Perfect Addition to Your Homeschool: Aboki Box Cultural Boxes and Online Toolkits

The Perfect Addition to Your Homeschool:  Aboki Box Cultural Boxes and Online Toolkits

Homeschool Learning Through Cultural Exploration!

How do I teach my kids about other cultures?  Aboki Box.  From the moment you open your Aboki Box, you and your kids are transported to a fresh, new land with learning opportunities designed to delight. We even provide an online itinerary full of ideas on how to use and make the most of your cultural learning experience.

Inside the boxes, and with exclusive access to the online resources, you and your kids may discover:

  • finished crafts and toys along with biographies of the artisans.
  • introduction to a new language
  • instructions on making your very own cultural crafts.
  • real money from the country.
  • a traditional piece of clothing or a local piece of art.
  • a snack from a local shop and the story of the creators.
  • the story of an organization working to help people in that country.
  • a postcard with a message and the country’s stamp.
  • wonderful collectibles perfect for showcasing your adventures.
  • a magazine filled with information and images for a virtual tour of the country.
  • a code for a video featuring a message from a child in that country recorded just for you!
And there is always online access for activities, local music, and cooking.

    To keep our boxes exciting, they’re all different! Not every box will have every item listed above, but you’ll be sure to find unusual and amazing things in each box!

    It’s easy to incorporate all homeschool subjects while enjoying your Aboki Box. You can make a unit study of each country!

    • History: explore the people and traditions of each country.
    • Geography: learn about the landforms and waterways of the country. Maybe you can research and find out how trade routes and cultural exchange were affected by the mountains and rivers of the country.
    • Handicrafts: follow the included instructions to create cultural crafts.
    • Science: learn about the animals and weather of the region.
    • Math: calculate the distance of the country from your house and the difference in time zones. Use measuring skills while cooking the enclosed recipes and learn how to convert money.
    • Writing: create reports or fictional stories about the country or have your kids start a journal to chronicle their virtual travels.
    • Culture: follow the stories and history of local artisans, celebrations or holidays.

    Your whole family can participate in the fun with Aboki Box! 

    Younger kids can help with the unboxing and share playtime with the toys.

    Older kids can read the included magazine out loud, create their own crafts, and help with the recipes for an immersive family adventure.

    Everyone can help locate the country on the map, make a homemade passport or travel journal and add provided stickers or take turns wearing the clothing you’ll find in some of the boxes.

    It’s easy to prepare for your Aboki Box experience.


    Planning your monthly adventure is an adventure in and of itself. Make it a treat to look forward to!

    Once the box arrives, plan your history, geography, and social studies lessons around the region to build up anticipation and get your kids thinking about what they’ll experience.

    Set aside a special day for unboxing. When your box arrives, announce it with fanfare and spend some time reading or having your homeschoolers read through the printed materials, including the recipes. Have them imagine what the dishes will taste like. Design your lesson plans around historical dates, cultural traditions, and land formations of the featured country. Include biographies about famous people from the area or interesting celebrations.

    Now is a good time to practice descriptive writing! Let them use their five senses to describe what they’ve learned.

    Talk about what you already know about the country and find out what else they’d like to learn.

    Cooking and Crafting

    Let the kids help prepare for cooking by making a list, choosing the ingredients, and doing a little prep work in the kitchen.

    Include a craft day or two to immerse your kids in the cultural crafts included in each box!

    Follow up fun

    The learning opportunities abound when you weave your Aboki Box adventure throughout the month. Bring up your cultural experiences when reviewing the month's lessons.

    • The hands-on activities will help your kids remember all the fun information they learned along the way.
    • The beautiful crafts will be awesome reminders of other children from around the world.
    • The included magazine offers a rich, immersive view of the country.
    • The heartwarming stories will encourage your kids to think globally.

    The Best Feature of Aboki Box            

    Not only is Aboki Box an amazing cultural experience for your family but it offers a much-needed benefit for a charitable organization in each country.

    A portion of the profits from every box helps support an organization designed to help children, widows, orphans, or families in the featured country. Each box you enjoy brings comfort and relief to someone in the world.

    By making your Aboki Box adventure a featured part of your month, your kids will be asking

    “When will the next box arrive?”

    “What country will we explore next month?”

    “Where is the country on the map?”

    “Who are we helping this month?”

    “Which recipe should we make first?”

    “Which craft should we do now?”

     Dive into the international world of Aboki Box to gain all these benefits, and more, for your homeschool while also helping kids and parents from around the world improve their lives.

    Ready to try Aboki Box?  Visit us here today. 

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