Aboki Box is a multi-sensory, cultural learning kit designed to teach children about other people with whom they share their world.

Learn about a different country each delivery.

Delivered right to your door, this bi-monthly subscription box contains tangible items that children in other countries use or play with in their daily lives. Some examples of these items are currency, games, crafts, recipes, clothing, etc. It also includes a colorful, fun, and informative country-specific magazine to guide their learning. It doesn't stop there! Go online to hear from a real child that lives in the country you are learning about. You will also find an itinerary to give you ideas on how to use the box and online language, cooking, and tour guide videos. Plus, downloadable activities to complete and samples of music to get you dancing.

Your child will see they have so much in common with others while learning to appreciate our differences.

Aboki Box strives to make the foreign familiar.

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“FRIEND” in Hausa

one of the most common languages spoken in Nigeria




I am often asked why I started Aboki Box. The simplest answer is, I love meeting and learning about people. As I begin to understand their history and culture, I develop an affinity, or love, for them. I feel connected. Hopefully, when it is time to say “see you later”, we part knowing we have each made a friend. One of my favorite things to do is learn about other cultures. There is a genuine interest and curiosity that drives me to understand how others “do life”. Through this discovery, I sometimes feel like I’ve opened a thoughtful gift when learning something interesting, new or different. I am particularly delighted when I realize a relatable moment as now there is commonality. I feel connected. Aboki Box is a natural extension of this love and curiosity, created to help children connect with their world and the people with whom they share it. I hope you enjoy discovering “new friends” as much as I do, or more.

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