We love the Aboki Box!

It is a creative, clever method of demonstrating the unique culture of different people groups around the world. Children learn in a multi sensory capacity through the beautiful colors, textures ,script and manipulatives provided in the box. The Aboki Box is ideal for any learning environment whether traditional or nontraditional. It aids in bridging gaps between geography, history, language arts, foreign language and visual arts. Kids really enjoy the opening and discovery of new friends across the world!

Dawn Harrison
I so appreciate how this product will help me teach my kids to humanize people they may never get to meet in person.

By playing the games children across the world play or eating the meals foreign children eat, my kids will remember, “People from other countries are different, but they are just like me, too!” I don’t want my kids to fear the differences between us. It becomes hard to dehumanize or fear those you have never met when you realize they are human just like you.

Aveline Nels
This is an amazing product

for parents, teachers, homeschool moms (or even grandparents could enjoy this with their grandchildren). It’s a fun, easy activity to do with your children to help them learn about other cultures. As a homeschool mom, I’m always looking for opportunities to help enrich my kids learning experiences. I would highly recommend this resource.

Jodi Ward
I look forward to receiving my Aboki Box.

It is a great resource for me to use at home with my son that will allow him to embrace and value people of different cultures without going to those countries. I believe this will lay a solid foundation for understanding different cultures as well as spur an interest visiting other countries because of the interactions, activities and learnings around each of the different countries.

Holly West