Meet Dorothy Mulenga - Wiphan Jewelry Creator

Meet Dorothy Mulenga - Wiphan Jewelry Creator

Aboki Box is proud to feature Dorothy Mulenga in our spotlight for our Zambia box! Read on to learn more about Dorothy’s tragedy-to-triumph story.

In Zambia, the women often marry at a young age, and usually only have the equivalent of a 7th grade education. If their husbands pass away, they are left without resources or a means to provide for themselves or their children, as they are no longer recognized as part of the husband’s family.

Such was the case with Dorothy. When her husband died in 2008, she and her two children were left homeless and with no way to care for themselves.

Dorothy only spoke Bemba and had very little education and no job experience. Her prospects seemed hopeless. Despite these roadblocks, she was determined to support her little family. She and her children had to live in a multi-generational housing complex and accept assistance for survival.

Then one day, a neighbor shared with her the exciting news about Wiphan and the opportunities they offered. Dorothy eagerly approached the organization.

After joining the Jewelry Crafting Program, Dorothy proved herself to be a very talented artisan. Now she was crafting beautiful jewelry from rolled paper and seeds found in nature, and she finally had income to support her children!

Soon after, another blessing came her way. Dorothy was selected to be the “mother” in a group house operated by TuliOne ministry. She was able to move out of the crowded house she had lived in for 7 years.

Known in the group home as “Mama Dorothy”, she oversees the resident children as they attend school and work to tend their own garden.

But even though she was thriving and had an income and a new home, Dorothy still worried about her teenage daughter. Since there wasn’t enough money for the government fees, her daughter was forced to leave secondary school.

Not one to be discouraged, Dorothy was determined to help her daughter realize her dream of becoming a teacher. Thanks to Wiphan, her daughter was able to enroll in Wiphan’s Keyboard Training class to gain valuable skills.

Soon after she graduated from keyboard training, she was hired by Wiphan’s Data Entry Center where she happily worked and saved her money for college. Now the dream of becoming a teacher was within reach.

And Dorothy was able to add money to the college fund as she continued to make and sell her artisan jewelry. Soon, because of the hard work and diligent saving, there was enough for tuition!

Dorothy’s story is just one of many happy endings that paints a beautiful picture of the work Wiphan is doing to help dreams come true in the lives of Zambia’s widows and orphans.

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