Similarities and Differences

Similarities and Differences

"Our similarities bring us to a common ground; our differences allow us to be fascinated by each other."  -Tom Robbins

I have always had an eclectic family and an interesting and diverse group of friends. As a child, I fully engaged with the families of those friends who had immigrated from countries like Vietnam and Guatemala and enjoyed being immersed in their family’s culture and traditions. I’ve been blessed with opportunities to travel abroad and now, as a mother, I want my son to have an interest in and a love for his global neighbors. I want him to be confident, comfortable and engaged around people who are different than him, but also recognize the many similarities that link us together.

I began searching for resources to help introduce him to the world around him but was at a loss for anything compelling or thoughtful. I did notice that on International Night at his school, which was fun and full of energy, that kids genuinely love to share and learn about other cultures and each other. Out of this void, Aboki Box was born.

The heart of Aboki Box is for children to realize that among the rich differences in language, geography, economics and cultural norms that exist in our world, there are often more similarities than differences between us. My objective is to bridge the gap of the unknown and to help us learn about one another so that we love more, lead with empathy and help those in need.

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